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1. Diabetes is not a serious disease Fact: diabetes is a very serious disease. If left untreated it can lead to life threatening complications effecting the heart, kidneys, eyes and nerves. Hundreds of people die every day due to complications of diabetes.

2. Eating too many sweets causes diabetes Fact: diabetes is not caused by eating too much sugar and sweets. It is a genetic or autoimmune disease in which beta cells of pancreas fail to produce adequate amount of insulin to utilize the glucose obtained from our food. However eating too many calories or drinking lot of soda and sugary drinks will lead to weight gain and develop insulin resistance which can be prerequisite to diabetes type 2.

3. Diabetics cannot eat sweets Fact: restricting sweets altogether in diabetics will create frustration. In a healthy meal plan some sweet foods like fruits and low calorie sweet dishes can be added in small quantities so that on the whole calorie count remains stable. Diabetics can take 1500-1800 calories per day or 150-200 gram carbohydrates per day. Try to avoid food with high glycemic index that cause a sharp rise the blood glucose e.gjuices, soda, refined sugar, honey Instead take low glycemic index foods that raise the blood sugar slowly and maintain a steady blood glucose level for a longer time like whole wheat cereals, bread, fruits.

4. Eating bitter foods will cure diabetes Fact: eating bitter gourd or bitter herbal drinks will not cure diabetes. It will only produce a bad taste in your mouth. The underlying problem is deficiency of insulin in the body that needs to be corrected by medicine or insulin injections.

5. Diabetics need special diabetic diet Fact: Various foods labeled as diabetic food are not only expensive but also unnecessary for diabetes management. We donot recommend any special diabetic foods. Diabetics can eat all healthy foods other people can eat but in a limited quantity keeping the calories and carbohydrates under control.