Top 6 Social Media Facts That Will Surprise you

Baichday August 14, 2020

Top 6 Social Media Facts That Will Surprise you

Top 6 Social Media Facts That Will Surprise you

The 21st century has given a new meaning to social media culture. Slowly and steadily, it has become a tool of utility from a leisure time luxury. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, or sites like FAO all social media platforms have more or less turned into a place where startups can breathe, and influencers can rise. In today’s era, social media marketing skills have even become a career option, given its popularity and reach. We are more than grateful for this rising popularity in the world of networking. It is critically acclaimed and, as the name states- “social.”

Maybe this is the face of the digital revolution that we were all waiting for, and social media has become our weapon. A weapon so powerful that one click makes you a hero or a villain.

However, scrolling through social media, you must know individual facts that are truly surprising and might change the way you look at the very next post after reading this article.


Well, something when you are exploring your feed, do you think that you see female content more than male content? Do you sometimes end up thinking that women are more likely to become social media influencers than men? Is your friend-list dominated mostly by women?

In case you have noticed these things and wondered about it, we are here to provide you with the answer you have been looking for- You Are Right!

Reports suggest that women are more active in forming social media networks in comparison to men.


As much as you think it is irritating that there is always an advertisement looped along with every social media post, it is also trying to tell you a stat report. Social Media Advertisement is viral, and millions of brands have considered it that marketing is better when done online.

Five million brands are advertising on Facebook as we speak!


Every post you see on social media usually prompts you to share it. This is done to heighten the reach, so more people across the globe recognize the job. This is also a compelling way to spread news and awareness. And as pictures generate more interest than words, the number of photos shared on social media every day almost ranges to billions.


A lot of us do video watching every day. It is almost like an unrelated soap opera ritual we follow. However, there are specific facts that will completely shock you regarding how a person watches a video based on gender!

It is stated that women are keen observers, and maybe that is why they watch a lot more videos than men. Women start streaming a video very quickly. However, it is also a fact that she loses interest in it after a point of time and, thus, skips to the next. Talking about men, even though they do not watch as many videos as women, they religiously watch whatever they opt for till the very end.


In the present day, it is undeniably how brilliantly Instagram has become an essential source for business, entertainment, leisure, and well, basically everything. Instagram stories are twice as popular as Snapchat stories, and business profiles have followers ranging from 200 to 200k.

However, question #1 about Instagram is who has the most numbers of followers on Instagram? When the question arises, we often look at celebrities and brand profiles, forgetting the critical account on Instagram that is Instagram itself! Instagram rules its business by having around 347 million followers! The next in line is Ronaldo with 216 million, in case you were wondering.


Social media can be regarded as one of the most proficient places to develop social skills and interpersonal relationships. You may be an introvert and still have 11k followers and be loved because that is just how user friendly and helpful social media platforms have become. Social media helps us get that boost. We need to start something because when we look at others, we learn, and someone else learns by looking at us. The family is hugely tied!

It is often seen that people who have done well for themselves online and have developed social networks, they also turn out to be influential as regular people even while not facing the screen.

Social media is a boon we all appreciate and accept with our whole hearts, but there are some quirks we overlook, and some hate we ought not to share and circulate online. If we try harder, we can be the dystopian world we have read about in science fiction books and make society a more accessible and happier place to be in my social media networking.