Meet the Newest & Professional Coworking Space in Islamabad

Baichday April 28, 2020

Meet the Newest & Professional Coworking Space in Islamabad

Meet the Newest & Professional Coworking Space in Islamabad

Recent stats illustrates that Pakistan is amongst the fastest growing nations in Freelancing and IT landscape. This exponential rise of entrepreneurial intent among people and inclination towards freelancing creates a huge demand for the provision of a reliable and well-designed workplace infrastructure that enables creativity and efficiency.  While at growing phase as a freelancer or budding entrepreneur, coworking space is saving the people effort and time, hustle and concern of investing too much capital in constructing their own setups from the scratch.

It is important to look into the necessity of coworking space in Pakistan context. Many self-employed individuals often face issues while executing their project from their homes.  For instance, uncertainty in power supply, unreliability in the internet connectivity and other home related obligations usually distract people to meet deadline which consequently lose their productivity. Working as a freelance, people feel obliged not to fall short on their projects due dates. Therefore, coworking workspace utterly liberates its members from losing productivity, meeting deadlines and catching up on more projects.

Firstly, aside from amenities and services, what makes the coworking space tick and thriving for people is its autonomy—people sign in and signup as per their own routines. Secondly, unlike traditional workplaces or offices, coworker space comprised of members who work for various firms, projects and ventures. As there is no significant internal competition among the members, thus coworking space spare no room for internal politics or grouping but rather encouraging mutual collaboration and interaction among workers.  Furthermore, the beauty of coworking space lies in its diverse culture as many individuals of different backgrounds and intents come together under one shared roof. Occasional chuckle over the coffee table, exchange of innovative ideas, sharing success sorties and prospective networking opportunities are also some of the perks that coworking space is bringing onboard to cowork aspirants.

Work Autonomy:

Coworking space means working with time freedom and independence. Usually, coworking spaces are accessible round the clock, allowing the members to work flexibly. While meeting the deadline of a specific project, cowork space members can decided whether to put in few extra hours to show some progress, or taking a long break, a day off to do something recreational and come back reenergized.

Be your own Boss:

Quite often people seem to miss routines or making it on time when it comes to traditional offices. Coworking space on the other hand let you be the boss of your own time management. It allows members with complete time flexibility to show up and leave as per their preferred timing schedules. There is no body to critique member’s arrivals and departure in coworking setup.

Socialize with Likeminded Individuals:

Networking with others is another prime component that drives people to come and pay for a communal space rather than working from home. Every coworking space has its own identity and vibe, and the manager of every cowork space entity always strives to cultivate a unique experience to meet its member’s expectations.

Why Chose TheDesk

With a vision to revolutionize workplace environment for independent workers in Islamabad— TheDesk – Co working space in Islamabad has emerged a promising entity in the coworking space industry. It is a creative and advanced workplace designed to meet the diverse needs of freelance community, micro businesses, entrepreneurs, tech startup incubators, writers and other professionals. Apart from shared space availability, The Desk also provides the service of renting out private offices, private suites, and corporatemeetup venues, training and events venues. Among other players, The Desk competes on its pricing strategy, strategic location and extreme customer-centric service to uphold member’s excellence at a very ideal charge.

The Desk has what every professional coworking space requires to have. It has ambiance, comfort, well-furnished design, welcoming reception, media room, conference room, and access to kitchen, spacious parking lot. Member’s retention rate of over 98% is the testimony of TheDesk’s quality service, progressive culture and extreme customer care.