Meet Archive Technologies – The Best Records Management Company in ISB, Pakistan

Baichday May 21, 2020

Meet Archive Technologies – The Best Records Management Company in ISB, Pakistan

Meet Archive Technologies – The Best Records Management Company in ISB, Pakistan

Maintaining records is significant to the success, trust, and reliability of an organization. Any company that aims to keep the documents has a variety of purposes. The foremost reason for physical and electronic record keeping is the retention of business history, employees’ records, and possession of sufficient evidence for legal requirements.

However, an organization has a limited capacity for holding, storing, and taking care of its records. You might have seen storerooms in some organizations that are dedicated to physical records management, whereas, it also falls short of space after a few years.

Here comes the concept of document archiving. What happens in archiving? It helps a company move out inactive files and documents to a secure location outside their office. The company, Archive Technology, being the best records management company provides you with an archiving solution for all your business needs.

Archive Technologies – A Quick Overview

Archive Technologies is a dedicated facility for reliable records management and is based out in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is facilitating companies and enterprises, either small or large, and public sector organizations to hand-over official records in safe hands.

Managing data requires an extreme level of care and responsibility. Putting the records on-premises is an open invitation to intruders, fraudsters, and disloyal employees take benefit out of it. To protect your documents and records, the companies bring you a plethora of solutions. It may start with the conventional physical records management if you do not want to destroy the record and want to preserve the existing one in the same condition.

For example, accounting records of the past five or ten years can be moved to the facility. Once you secure the existing manual records, you can choose to scan and digitize it too. Archive technologies, with possession of industrial equipment, offer quick scanning and digitization services. As a result, all your physical records are transformed into digital form. The documents that are in a deteriorating condition can be scanned and stored on a digital medium to increase its life.

Companies that no longer want to generate documents in hard copies can switch to electronic document management that stores all your documents received or generated from digital mediums such as email, website, accounting software, or word processing and excel sheets, etc. Let us find how Archive technologies differ from other record management companies.

  • Flawless security and central monitoring
  • Security camera, theft and burglar alarms
  • Smoke detection system to alarm any fire or mishap
  • Termite control environment for ultimate safety
  • Biometric checks ensure access to authorized personnel only
  • Barcoding for error-free backup and retrieval
  • Safe pick and drop of physical records

What services do Archive Technologies offer?

Archive technology is a one-stop solution for any organization that needs a reliable solution for its physical as well as digital records. Have a list of some of its noteworthy services.

  1. Physical Records Management

Physical records management allows archiving all documents that you no longer need in day-to-day operations. Archive Technology has a state of the art facility that racks your significant data security for the time you specify. It is an exciting solution as the mentors and managers of organizations can get rid of the mental stress they have to go through in looking after the precious data. The service helps them find a reliable partner to keep the documents at peace.

  1. Scanning & Digitization

Transforming all of your organizational records to digital form may take you months, but Archive technologies offer to do it in days because of the latest technology and trained staff. They are experienced in scanning physical records in bulk and making them digital to the last longer. Scanning and digitization can be adopted either as a separate back of the physical records or a replacement of it.

  1. Digitization

If your organization produces most of the records in digital format, you may need managed digitization services eventually. Keeping data on a centralized storage medium may create a situation of chaos and disorder. Every employee will be able to access, copy, modify, or delete a significant record. To prevent duplication, loss, and misrepresentation, the company provides digitization services.

  1. Retrieval Utility

Have you ever struggled for the documents you have stored in a hard drive? You may neither remember the file name, its category, nor its location because you are neither an expert nor you possess an advanced data archiving system. Archive Tech is formed around the sole purpose of providing impeccable storage solutions with quick and reliable retrieval.

  1. Record Destruction

Any data that your organization may no longer need is useless to maintain, but you still do not want to expose it to unwanted people or organizations. Its right solution lies in destruction under the supervision of experts. Archive technologies offer record destruction services so that you can dispose-off records safely and save on records management services if a set of data needs destruction.

Final words

Archive Technologies has brought excellent data storage and archiving solutions to a variety of organizations in Islamabad, Pakistan. Now, the resident companies have the option to put their physical records in a secure location that is not only protected from unauthorized access but also natural calamities like fire, flood, and earthquake. Companies with confidential records must think about devising data storage and archiving strategy to stay ahead of their opponents.