Learning Quran Online and Its Benefits

Muhammad Waqas July 16, 2020

Learning Quran Online and Its Benefits

Quran is the final book of Allah sent for the guidance of human beings. It is of great importance to Muslims around the world. The evolution of technology in recent times has given us numerous opportunities to make our lives easier and better. One of the best innovations was the internet by which we can enhance our knowledge. Technology has also changed the way of learning the Quran. You can visit any website to learn Quran online. Here are some of the benefits of learning Quran online.

No Geographical Limit

Now, if you are in America, Europe or any other non-Muslim country. You may find it difficult to find madrassas and even if you do they will be quite far away. This is not the case with online websites. You can access any website from anywhere in the world.


Many people when they hear about Online Quran schools they think of them as scams or expensive which is quite the opposite of reality. Some websites offer you discounts on packages and many sites offer you free membership to learn Quran online. You also don’t have to spend on traveling, as you can attend class just by sitting at home.

Convenient for Female Students

If you are a female student you may feel uncomfortable learning from a male tutor in institutions such as madrassas and mosques. So, online Quran schools give you a variety of tutors to choose from.

Well-Qualified Tutors

All of the tutors are well qualified in teaching Quran online. As the tutors are well trained and professional and can efficiently use the technology. It makes it trouble-free for people to learn the Quran online. These tutors are professionals who make it easy for you to decide on the timing of the online classes.

Fitting for Adults

Online sources can be used at any given time whenever you want to, so these are always convenient for people to use. It is easier to decide the timings of the classes that are most convenient to you as these are available 24/7. It is fitting for especially Adults who have to run errands, have a social life and go to work, So, when you reach home the last thing you want to do is to travel somewhere again as you are quite exhausted. So online Quran schools are a great platform.

Small Classes

Many pieces of research have shown that students are more attentive. You learn more when there are fewer numbers of students in the class. The online Quran tuition helps to improve the relationship between the teacher and the pupil. Tutors can give their maximum attention to each student and leave no one behind which is the case in regular classes. As teachers cannot give proper attention to every student due to a large number of students, weak students are left behind. Every student can learn with their own pace.

Monthly Report System

Another advantage of taking online Quran classes is that they give you reports to parents every month. They inform the parents of the pupils on their progress and show them their strengths and weaknesses. This is also a great opportunity for parents and teachers to interact with each other. They work together as a team to enhance the learning skills of the students. This is not the case in institutions such as madrassas as they do not give you any feedback on your child’s performance.


Maintaining consistency in learning the Quran is quite essential. Online Quran schools have a proper timetable for learning which keeps both parents and the students satisfied. The tutors teach the children by making a specific time in their timetable for them to learn. This consistency develops a habit of learning the Quran on a regular basis. This not only enhances knowledge of the Holy Quran but also develops a sense of discipline.

Interesting Lessons

Online Quran schools find different ways to make lessons interesting and entertaining. These lessons are not like the traditional methods used in institutions such as Madrassas. The goal is to keep the students interested in learning the Holy Quran. These lessons have different types of quizzes that test the knowledge of the students. Which develops their interest in gaining knowledge about the Holy Quran. They also make interesting videos to keep the students interested.


The parents also feel satisfied with the online Quran tuition as the students have classes at home in front of their eyes. Learning at home provides security and safety to students that are not there when they go to institutions such as Madrassas. The parents can keep an eye on their children and keep track of their progress. In these uncertain times, It is not safe to send your children outside due to the ongoing Coronavirus. So, it is beneficial for both parents and students to learn Quran online.


Online Quran schools provide a great opportunity for students around the globe to continue their learning of the Quran on track regardless of their location. Everyone should take advantage of such resources because not only they are cost-effective. But also time-saving. t is your responsibility to choose the right institution with good team teachers. The network of the online Quran tuition has expanded rapidly in recent times as it has proved to be the most convenient one. I hope this article helped you in finding the answers you were looking for.

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