How To Fix All The Possible IP Address Errors

Ava Smith July 15, 2020

How To Fix All The Possible IP Address Errors

How To Fix All The Possible IP Address Errors

In today’s world, where everything is done online (Shopping, business work, classes, etc.), it is obvious to have an IP address for your device. If you are wondering, what is an IP address?

How to Fix All The Possible IP Address Errors

Here is your answer-

An Internet Protocol (IP) Address is the set of numerical letters that is assigned to each device connected to the computer network, which uses the internet protocol for communication. It is unique for every device and helps in accessing the system. It is a lot more than just a definition. This blog gives you the detailed answer of what an IP Address is?

Many of us often come across the issue of IP address conflict once in our life. Why do they occur? 

The problem arises when two devices, it could be the Personal computer or mobile device, have the same address, which creates confusion where the letters should head to. There are thus errors caused regarding the IP address, which has different solutions to address it. These issues are usually temporary and can be resolved quickly. 

The most crucial scenario here is to identify what is the reason behind the problem and their immediate address, which will provide immense help.

This problem, which occurs due to the Internet protocol address conflict, has various reasons. What are they? And How to solve those? Let’s have a look!

  1. Due to router which fails to give a unique IP address
  2. Due to DNS ( Domain name system) server 
  3. Due to the adaptor 
  4. Due to incorrect configurations
  5. Due to non-recognition of the modem by the ISP

How to Fix All The Possible IP Address Errors

Hence given above are some of the reasons you might face IP address conflict. And as there is a solution to every problem, these could be solved in the following ways:

Due To Router Which Fails To Give A Unique IP Address

Often it happens that the router you are connected to fails to give you a unique internet protocol address. So if you restart it, then it might restore the connection and function properly by giving you the address. If you are facing issues through a mobile device, then putting it on airplane mode is also a way of doing it.

Due To DNS ( Domain Name System) Server

A domain name server (DNS) is the phone book of the internet. We all know that to start a website, we need a domain name that could be bought on various platforms. Suppose a DNS ( Domain name system) server is giving an address to your device then error could also happen on its part. 

Like if you put your device on sleep mode, then your server may assume your device is no longer accessing the internet, which is why it allocates the same IP address to a different device. This problem could be solved by restarting your device.

Due To The Adaptor

If the problem is not related to the above issues ( router and DNS), then an error must be on the part of the adaptor. The adaptor properties must be checked thoroughly to resolve this issue. If it is not set on automatic for receiving the IP address, then you should do it yourself as it could be one of the main reasons you must be facing IP address conflict. After which your system might start working well. This issue arises if you set the address to static. Which is why it does not obtain the internet protocol address.

Due To Incorrect Configurations

This also happens often. Your device might face incorrect configuration issues of the system, which is why you must come across an error. In this scenario, there are specific commands that can be executed on the command prompt or Windows Powershell. which are:

  • Ipconfig

This command is for checking the address.

  • Ipconfig/release

This command releases the IP address.

  • Ipconfig/renew

This command requests a new Internet protocol (IP) address. By putting the above commands in the command prompt, you may expect a new IP address.

Due To Non-recognition Of The Modem By The ISP

It is another reason you might be facing an IP address conflict. The internet service provider may not recognize the modem we use, which is why this issue arises. This might happen due to the change of the modem, which is why it becomes non-recognizable by the service provider. So, in this case, we are supposed to contact our internet service provider. They can resolve this issue on their part.

Hence these were some of the issues faced by us and the reasons behind that. The IP address issue might be a small glitch or more than that. 

These issues are usually temporary. And they could be resolved if addressed accurately. The knowledge of this topic is essential for every human because it is prevalent mainly in this Covid-19 era, where we all are connected through our networks.

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