Free Xbox Games You Should Download Before They Are Gone

Baichday August 2, 2020

Free Xbox Games You Should Download Before They Are Gone

Free Xbox Games You Should Download Before They Are Gone

This lockdown period is testing our patience continuously. We have tried so many things already to utilize this time correctly. We have cursed ourselves time and again for wasting this time binge-watching series or oversleeping. But why shouldn’t we do fun things?

Why should we always keep ourselves in check in case we are spending precious time that can be invested in learning something boring instead of having a good time? If something makes you happy, you shouldn’t feel guilty about doing it time and again. TechyHost brings to you some Xbox games you should download before they are gone to make this lockdown period even more amusing:

Battle Islands –

This game is set in 1942 in the South Pacific region on a tropical island where your platoon of soldier’s lands. You are required to hold your ground by defeating the enemy forces. And guess what? It is a WW2-themed battle game! You have to control air, sea, and land forces and also create sturdy alliances. Play this game with your friends and have a good time!

Frozen Freefall: Snowball Night –

Frozen has been a continuous presence in my all-time favorite animated movies. The backdrop of the film is simply ethereal. How exciting it is to have a game with the same background! And the cherry on the cake is that it is a snowball fight game with 195 free levels! You can play it with your friends and family and have a gala time progressing through the challenging levels, unlocking new characters and solving exciting puzzles.

Happy Dungeons –

This is a multiplayer game you can play with up to 4 friends! The strange world inside this game is brimming with comical characters that will not fall short of amusing you. The vibrant graphics, the mind-boggling action, and the high-speed combine to give you incredible gaming experience. You can customize your character the way you want and make your creative juices flow. Download this astounding game now to embark on a spectacular adventure with your friends and family.

Onigiri –

Onigiri is one of its kinds of games with the setting of ancient Japan. The cast of the game resembles heroes of history and folklore. The players lunge into a story revolving around the myths of Japan. Here, you get the opportunity to befriend some well-known characters like Yoshitune and Momotaro. With their help, you fight the evil that is troubling those lands and restore order and peace. Get your free Onigiri game now!

Spacelords –

This game is curated, especially for all you sci-fi and space geeks! You can experience both sides of the story in this game though it’s 4 vs. one campaign. In this game, you’ve to join the raiders in their battle to free the legendary Broken Planet. You can also fight on the enemy side alongside the invaders. It is free to play, and you can progress through the entire game! You can customize your character by choosing amongst hundreds of cards to create your favorite space, lord, and there are 80 cinematic scenes to improve your gaming experience. Grab this exciting game before it’s gone!

Neverwinter –

A premier dungeons and dragons MMORPG gaming experience, Neverwinter features fast-paced combat and epic dungeons. You can explore the magnificent city of Neverwinter and its surrounding regions, battling its numerous enemies and be a part of the history of forgotten realms. While journeying through, Neverwinter and the legendary subcontinent Faerûn, you face the greatest adversaries from the legend of this game. You can even build your legend! This is the game to boost your gaming experience.

Hand Of The Gods –

This game is an amalgamation of collectible card games and turn-based strategy! You can wage a divine war by summoning the Gods on a 3D battlefield. To defeat your enemies, you’ve to move your forces in position and unleash the divine powers on them. You’ve to use your tactical knowledge here to dominate the battlefield. The Gods come to life in a magnificent 3D battleground, and what more could you ask from a game!

Lies Of Astaroth –

Here’s a highly exciting epic fantasy MMORPG card- battle hybrid game! It is an addictive mix for both hardcore card game fans for strategy depth and causal players for fantasy RPG gameplay. With stunning graphics and hundreds of collectible beautifully drawn card which can be upgraded and evolved with additional skills, it has a rich storyline that follows the protagonist to an epic adventure with numerous stages filled with a heady mix of humor and suspense. Every battle is unique and satisfying. This game promises to keep you occupied for months and also has a reward system for active players!

Head-on to Xbox site now and grab these exciting games and make your mundane days adventurous!

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