Amazing Future Flying Cars and Taxis

Baichday August 11, 2020

Amazing Future Flying Cars and Taxis

Amazing Future Flying Cars and Taxis

Technology has made the world its home from the past decade. We have become so used to it that now we can’t imagine a day without it. Wonders of technology are so obvious that today we expect anything from it. In this article, we will briefly discuss the futuristic cars and taxis that will blow your mind.

Uber’s VTOL Taxis 2020: 

Today everyone is familiar with the car company named Uber. Uber is most popular for its services like taxis. It has made conveyance easier than ever. Now they are working on flying cars which are absolutely on another level. They are expecting to launch their flying taxis in 2023. It is quite amazing and surprising for Uber fans and users. But keeping in view their previous progress and record, we can expect that much progress and efficiency from this developed company.

Uber’s VTOL Taxis 2020

Latest Aero Mobil’s Prototype-Flying Cars: 

It is another company which is coming with the same idea of flying cars. They are also working on it. The company states that their flying cars will be called supercars or craziest-concept-cars because they will have some sort of superpowers. They are not just saying this because they are working on their fourth prototype.

One unique thing about their car is that it works both ways. This means you can drive it on the road and fly it in the air. We are eagerly waiting for this masterpiece to launch as soon as possible.

Aero Mobil’s Prototype-Flying Cars

Latest Airbus Vahana–Flying Cars and Taxis: 

Just like other companies that are working on most luxurious flying cars, this company also offers the same idea but with some unique features. They are hoping to provide us a flying bus which will be self-sufficient. It means that there will be no need for a pilot to fly that airbus. Plus, there will be much space for the riders than a simple taxi and the airbus will be self-sufficient for its maintenance as well. The company also has given a trial of the airbus but it was not an ideal fly. However, we are very hopeful for its debut in the coming years.

Modern Kitty Hawk’s Flying Prototype 2020:

This Company is making some major headlines. The reason behind their confidence is that they are very sure to give the audience a car which will be so easy to fly. They say that it will be more like flying a mine craft. The company also holds the statement that their craft will be very easy to fly and it will be very convenient. We can expect their craft to work in both ways in the air and off the road. It is a personal flyer which is more like a drone. We cannot expect its availability since it is currently available for test flights at a lakeside.

Amazing Volocopter 2X 2019:

It is a small size craft that has space for two people. Although, it doesn’t look very much practical still the company has made a full-sized test model and it was run successfully. The aircraft also comes with the availability of a parachute in case of an emergency. The craft comes with nine batteries with built-in redundancies. In the year of 2019, Volocopter also gave their flying machine a tour over Singapore. However, we cannot be very confident that this flying car will be accepted by Dubai or not. The reason is that Dubai has also rejected other prototypes in the past.

Amazing Volocopter 2X 2019

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There are also so many other companies which are working day and night for flying cars and taxis. These flying cars and taxis companies give us hope for future advancement.